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Events & Schedule

If you want the latest news about events and schedule concerning Dora Esquivel, please refer to this page where you are constantly kept posted not only about anthologies Dora is joining but also conventions she will attend. If you want to be the first to know about her amazing work, then join her awesome mailing list and stalk her on social media!

When the world needs more than heroes when the world needs little more... Do you wish to know more? The downfall is coming out 2019/02/26!

Supra humans

The world is in need of people ready to take the mantle of justice. The world needs someone to stand for what is right despite the outcome and some of the acts that it requires to bring back the balance the people need. 

When it comes to heroes some have powers, others have mutations. Some might have wings or come from a different place. Heroes are hiding in the forgotten places. 

You can find them all united in one volume named, Downfall - Supra Humans Vol. 1.

The Second Anthology

Gothic Bite Magazine put together many anthologies for the year 2019 and 2020. Coming in a variety of genres, always with a paranormal or horror tendency, we have stories for all readers. 

Downfall focuses on heroes that existed in the mind of authors ready to put them on paper. While some decided to follow the more traditional route of heroes, others shared their vision of what a true hero could be. 

What To Expect

Gothic Bite Magazine is there not only to bring the latest in the paranormal universe, but also give people a chance to come closer to their dream. You can expect from Downfall visions of heroes you never thought could be!

You can find sequels to other novels. You can find fillers, newcomers and more! Expect fantasy, paranormal, anti-heroes, adventure and action, even erotica and more!

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more about Downfall as we approach the release date and make sure to follow us not to miss the latest about our amazing authors! Heroes are everywhere and anywhere. 

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A tantalizing peek into the alluring realm of the darkly paranormal……
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Step into the shadows and discover the darkest worlds where Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror exist under the cover of the night. From a flip of the dark pages of an old grimoire….to the mysterious inking on a sexy stranger….a seductive spell cast on a whim…. shadowy readings of mysterious runes….

A GOTHIC GRIMOIRE delivers enigmatic tales of the other realms. 
A GOTHIC GRIMOIRE offers twelve unique novels that take you into the black and arcane side of fantasy.