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These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ... These are the novels Dora Esquivel wrote in the past ...

The hunters become the hunted in this thrill ride of dark terror and obsession.

Remi Dumas, a local detective, is reluctantly partnered with the older, more experienced FBI field agent Elias Suarez when a string of mutilated corpses start showing up near the Louisiana swamps. A serial killer known as “The Beast” who terrorized the community by targeting young men for years has resurfaced. The odd feeling Remi knows who the notorious serial killer may be if he could only just remember hangs over him, and when he discovers the victims have the same strange carvings in their skin that were found on his older brother Rene’s body twenty years ago, the case becomes personal.

When the tables turn and The Beast sets his sights on Remi, it becomes clear that Remi will need to put his skills to the ultimate test to make it out of this investigation alive. As Remi searches his present and his past for clues to the murderer’s identity, he struggles against his growing attraction to Elias, the man he loves to hate.

In a world where killers hunt under the cover of darkness, Remi must rely on the partner he’s not sure he can trust to help him drag a murderer and Remi’s life into the light. 

Traveling through a wormhole shouldn't be dangerous for the Echo Marines. However, when your enemies, and even your own command conspire against you, the Echos find themselves lost in time and space. 

Dive into the gritty adventures of the Echo Marines as they attempt to find their way back home- to the right time, and the right universe.

Sometimes you need to fall on your knees to rise.

Centuries ago Lucien's family and pack were slaughtered and betrayed by family. Lucien was then enslaved for five hundred years by the demon who killed his succubus mother.

One thousand years later his powers as Alpha and Incubus are growing. He is now ready to take his rightful place as Alpha Supreme, but first, he must claim a reluctant mate and escape from under the heel of his possessive Vampire master Sargon.

Lucien is a hybrid shifter in a world where being unpure is not tolerated. Lucien should have never been born. Enter a dark and savage paranormal world, where being weak is stamped out and exploited. Being dominant and unapologetic is key to survival.

Follow Lucien as he seeks vengeance against the uncle that betrayed him and the demon who enslaved him and murdered his mom. Where secrets, allies with hidden agendas, and political jousting determine the fates of many.

A dark, sensual, and paranormal fantasy series by new author Dora Esquivel.

A vampire/incubus hybrid and his fated human mate are banished from each other for a year. It’s time for the joyous reunion. What could possibly go wrong?

A year ago, in a fit of lust and need, Lucien claimed his mate, a human called Gabriel. Gabriel tried to resist but Lucien easily overpowered him. Lucien’s master, Sargon, was not pleased with his spontaneity and decreed the two must be apart for one year…and, just for spite, that Gabriel would not be able to ejaculate until he saw Lucien again.

For 1000-year-old vampire/incubus hybrid, Lucien, a year should not feel like an eternity. Oh, but it does. He spends his time studying vampire law with his master, Sargon, and plotting his revenge on those who killed his mother and enslaved him for 500 years. As the last heir of the Lutair clan, it’s almost time for Lucien to claim his rightful place. All he needs is Sargon to release his powers and his mate to be at his side.

Gabriel awoke naked, alone, and thoroughly sated after his night with Lucien but with no memories of anything that had happened. Over the next year, he became stronger, faster, and he healed at an unbelievable speed. Sought after by men and women seeking his attention and his cock, Gabriel was happy to oblige, even when he knew he shouldn’t. Gabriel fed off the pheromones, attraction, and raw sex and yet he could never be satisfied. He could not come. Ever. It was driving him mad. 

When Lucien and Gabriel meet again, Gabriel’s memory returns and with it his refusal to bow to Lucien’s demands. He wants nothing to do with that world. He is done with the blood and violence; but Lucien needs him and won’t give up without a fight. Still drawn to Lucien, Gabriel must decide if he will submit to his feelings for Lucien and stand with him as he goes to war for his throne. And Lucien may discover that embracing his love for Gabriel may be the secret to his true strength and power.

Someone is taking shifter and human children away in from their homes. The intruder leaves a few intriguing clues, but nothing to help the shifter families find their loved ones.

Marcos wanted to spend his Christmas vacation with his long-time crush Andreas, not expecting to get sidelined by his brother Manuel the alpha of his pack to take care of his nephew Pepe.

On the hunt for a Christmas tree, Marcos, Andreas, and Pepe find themselves being hunted by this creature. The thing that haunts them is not just evil but demonic. It is twisted and hungry, thirsty for the blood of children, blood he has long been denied.

A literal terrifying monster that indulges in sadistic desires. Can two shifters defeat a demon summoned by an evil shaman? Will they all survive this violent confrontation? Will they be able to find the other children in time?

When the holidays knock on our door, our hearts are filled with joy and all we hope is to make our loved ones happy.  

We think of the family gatherings, the Christmas tree tall and proud lighting our home.  We smell the comforting aroma of homecooked meals and reminisce the joys of the past… where hides the skeletons deep in the darkness of the closet.


Krampus never forgot your past mistakes, and he has now awakened and back to make his name part of the holidays again.  All readers must be aware, Krampus is coming, do you feel it in the air?

The best heroes are always flawed...

Overpopulation has sent humans to Mars. The year is 2102, Mars living is harsh and unforgiving, the planet’s population depends on Earth for all its needs. There is a revolution brewing when new Martian technology is built allowing Martian people to live in Earth like conditions. These spheres allow for agricultural growth, fresh water, and energy to be harvested instead of depending on Earth for basic needs. Earth doesn’t plan to grant Mars any freedom from its monetary obligations. Trade with Mars is too lucrative.

Hadrian Quevido finds himself imprisoned in one of Mars self-containing prisons. His family is well-connected with other less reputable people in Earth’s trading businesses. He believes someone in his family sent him to Mars before his twenty-five birthday, controlling his inheritance of billions. Hadrian needs to get back to Earth and claim the billions his murdered parents left him. On his one-year prison anniversary he learns an invaluable prisoner is arriving. All he needs to do is get the information this man has in any way possible, lessening his incarceration. Determined to do whatever it takes to escape his confinement, Hadrian is surprised to see the one person he never thought would end up in his prison, Xavier Parata.
Disgraced cop Xavier Parata finds himself in unfamiliar territory, a Martian prison. Sentenced to life for the murder of his best friend, even though he was set up, he finds it difficult to believe his life has turned out this way. The people who want the damaging information he holds will stop at anything to get it from him.

Walking into the slammer, he sees three big muscular men all dangerous looking, inspecting him like a piece of fresh meat, unknown to him they are all looking for this valuable prisoner, which happens to be him. All he wants to do, is to get through intake, get his badge, and survive, but fate has a way of screwing with your plans.

A revolution is dawning, a new Martian program is granting freedom for prisoners who accept it, Hadrian talks to his lawyer and agrees to be part of this secret program, except for one condition. He wants Xavier to be given the same opportunity.

The project will forever change who and what Hadrian and Xavier are as they are thrown into rebellion, chaos, and secret governments determined to use them for deadly purposes.   

High stakes game of survival. Only one class will rule. 


Virus has destroyed the world as we know it. Once glorious, the United States is now barren.


The year is 2099. Most of the US is covered in vast deserts, where people try to make out a meek existence, disease is rampant. Many settlements fail either by sickness or roaming marauders. The desert is unforgiving where nomads and outlaws rule and set the law.


Armed with medicine and learning, nomad healer Corin Mestos is heading out to Sanctuary City one, of the six cities that outline the vast Mica river. Rumor has it the city provides people with free medicine, food, and shelter, but Corin’s reasons for going are for self-discovery. He has an ancient grimoire his mother gave him, and he needs answers to the meaning of the tattoo on his back. He hopes to find the answers in Sanctuary City. His mom warned him about the dangerous of city life and the ruling class.


Nastas Church is a marauder, he’s been on his own  since he was ten years old. He once lived in Church City, the seventh most powerful and richest metropolis. A raging fire destroyed his city, killing his parents and siblings, and wiping out the elitist life he had once lived. Now twenty-three, he stares death in the eyes as he is strung up and left to to die by the desert sun. Nastas has his own reasons to avoid Sanctuary City, as the last aristocratic ruler of Church City, he would be killed if any of the ruling families discovered who he was.


Join Corin, Nastas, and Dog, as they try to survive desert life and reach Sanctuary City. Will Corin ever control his powers? Will Nastas remain Corin’s claim, as dictated by desert law; you find it; you own it. Will Dog ever listen to Corin?  Can Corin and Nastas avoid and defeat the controlling elites and restore prosperity to the desert?

*** 18+ MATURE CONTENT ***

A tantalizing peek into the alluring realm of the darkly paranormal.
One collection. Nine novels.

Step into the shadows and discover the obscure worlds where Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror exist under cover of darkness. From a flip of the dark pages of an old grimoire to the mysterious inking on a sexy stranger, a seductive spell cast on a whim, shadowy readings of mysterious runes, THE GOTHIC GRIMOIRE delivers enigmatic tales of the other realms. 

The Gothic Grimoire offers nine unique novels that take you into the black and arcane side of fantasy.Including stories from: Aida Jacobs, Kendra Hale, Kish Knight, Vanessa Ross, A. Wayne, Winter Lawrence, L.A. Maciel, K.Z. Riley and Dora Esquivel.